Packing Hand Luggage

If you’re planning a short trip, or a trip where you’ll only need to take a few, lightweight items, you’ll probably be able to get away with packing only a hand luggage case, which will save you some money when it comes to luggage charges, as many airlines won’t charge any extra for a hand bag providing all the weight and size requirements are met. If you’re not sure how to make sure that the bag you’re taking meets these requirements, here’s a few tips to help you out.

Check the Airline’s Website
Different airlines will have different specific requirements for hand luggage bags, so don’t assume that there’s a one-size-fits-all policy for all airlines. Even if you have flown with this particular airline before, it’s always a good idea to recheck the requirements, as they may have been amended or updated since you last flew with them. The requirements for hand luggage bags are usually found on the airline website, or you may be able to call their customer service department to speak to an advisor over the phone. 

Measure your Bag
As well as weight requirements, most airlines will also specify measurement requirements for hand luggage to ensure that they’ll fit safely onto the plane. If you’ve already got a hand bag that you’re planning to take with you, make sure that you measure it as well as weighing it, to ensure that it fits the guidelines. If your bag doesn’t have the right measurements, the airline will have the right to charge you in order to carry it in the holdall instead. If you find that your bag doesn’t measure up correctly, there’s a range of travel luggage online sites where you are able to purchase hand luggage bags that are designed specifically to comply with the requirements of certain airlines. Sites such as eBay and Amazon are brilliant places to look for hand travel luggage online at really cheap prices.

Check the Weight
Remember that your bag will be weighed as well as measured, so it’s important to know exactly how much weight you’re carrying before you go through check in. If your bag weighs too much, you may again be charged to put it in the holdall. If you’re planning on making some purchases to take home whilst you’re away, it’s also a good idea to ensure that your bag is under the weight limit, as remember, it’ll also be weighed on the way back.